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Last updated: 8 Jan 2021

Why So Many People in the UK Are Choosing Spray Foam Insulation For Their Lofts?

Spray Foam Insulation is helping homeowners in minimizing the heat loss occurring in their home and reduces their energy bills up to* 50%.

What's happening?

With the average family spending on dual fuel variable tariff to be around £1,178 per year (according to ofgem.gov.uk), loft insulation is a quick win with short payback periods.
Icynene spray foam insulation, once applied on a surface, expands around 100 times, forming an air-tight barrier.
Air barrier seals any cracks or gaps that are there on the surface, thereby minimizing further condensation in your loft and eliminating mold growth.
This air barrier will also prevent the heat from escaping your home, which will help keep your house warm for more prolonged durations resulting in lowering your energy bills.
Many Brits don’t realise that they could save money on their energy bills by getting spray foam insulation done for your lofts and roofs.

Loft insulation works by keeping the heat in your home, as a result, your home stays warm for longer duration resulting in lower energy bills.

Loft Insulation helps in controlling and regulating the temperature of a property. This means the building will be cooler in summers and warmer when it is cold outside. This leads to improved comfort for anyone inside the property, a healthier place to live/work and decrease in energy consumption, resulting in lower energy bills.


BENEFITS - Why Icynene Spray Foam For Loft Insulation?

Save up to* 50% Energy Bills

Icynene spray foam insulation can help you save on your heating bills by up to* 50%. It cuts your home's energy loss by creating an air sealing barrier.

Reduce the Respiratory Distress

Icynene spray foam insulation is a 100% water-blown product and eliminates irritants in your home which may cause allergies such as Asthma.

Increased comfort

The comfort is increased of your home as spray foam loft insulation develops a barrier sealing all cranny and cracks, reducing drafts and cold bridging.

Reduce Noise

Icynene can help reduce sound from noisy indoor rooms and outdoor noises such as traffic, playgrounds, noisy neighbors, and transferred noise such as flushing toilets.

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation: The Future Of Home Insulation

Icynene has been the leading spray foam insulation on the market and is rapidly becoming the new double glazing of the insulation market. Icynene has developed over 31 years ago in North America, and in the past 30+ years, more than 3 billion board feet of Icynene spray foam insulation has been installed in more than 425,000 residential and commercial projects. 

Additionally, Icynene spray foam insulation products are currently sold in more than 30 countries. They have been extensively tested and approved by various highly respected global product approval agencies, such as: 



Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I install spray foam insulation myself?

Our installers are experienced and trained in spray foam insulation and work safety, always wear protective equipment while installing the material. All contractors apply the foam directly from their purpose-built vans and equipped to create complete air seals in the property. 

2) How long does it take to install?

The foam expands 100 times in 4-12 seconds after being applied. With proper ventilation, you can use the room 24 hours or less after installing it. As it is a water-blown product, there will be no unusual smells remained after installation. The majority of homeowners installs can be completed within a day, however bigger projects such as commercial installs can take longer. Your insulation surveyor can give you an accurate representation of what time-scales you can expect. 

Get This Superb Icynene Spray Foam Insulation For Your Home

Icynene Spray Foam Insulation is typically sprayed in lofts at the rafter or joist level. It very well may be used in tight or compact spaces as it expands 100x to fit on the application. Spray foam insulation not only finds its application in residential projects, and it is widely used for commercial projects and warehouses. Spray foam eliminates dampness related issues while keeping your home warm. It is one of the most effective ways to get your loft insulation done.